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The National History Bee and Bowl is an history focused academic competition directed by David Madden. It consists of the National History Bowl, a four-player team event played on pyramidal questions in a four-quarter format, and the National History Bee, an individual elimination-style event. Teams qualify for Nationals by placing above a certain threshold at regional Bowls; all sites also have a Varsity and JV division. In addition to the History Bee and Bowl, NHBB also organizes a number of other quizbowl-adjacent events, including the US History Bee and US Geography Championships.

For the 2010-11 school year, the local events were written by NHBB staff and Nationals were written by HSAPQ; until 2014, HSAPQ wrote for all History Bowl events, before that task fell to teams led by Matt Weiner in 2015 (but see here) and Brad Fischer in 2016 and beyond.

National History Bee and Bowl also incorporates middle and elementary school divisions. In February 2016, the running of the elementary and middle school division was transferred to ACE.

History Bowl Format

A History Bowl game consists of 4 quarters. The first quarter features tossups worth 10 points each. The second quarter features tossups and one-part bonuses, worth 10 points. The third quarter, known as the Lightning Round, gives teams 60 seconds to answer a series of eight increasingly difficult short questions on a particular theme. Questions missed by one team "bounceback" to the other team. Finally, the fourth quarter features powermarked tossups worth 30, 20, or 10 points.

History Bee Format

During regional competitions and the preliminary rounds of nationals, history bee questions are simply a series of 35-tossups, worth 1 point each. However, students who get eight questions are said to "exit" the round, and gain a number of bonus points based on where they exit (for a total score ranging from 8 to 15).

At the playoff rounds of nationals, the history bee uses the 6-5-4-3-2-1 scoring system. Tossups are powermarked, and based on where a student buzzes they can earn either 6, 5, 4, or 3 points if they are correct. If they are incorrect, they suffer a -2 penalty if they buzzed before the end of the tossup, and a -1 penalty otherwise.

In both local bees and national bees, 3 incorrect interrupts "kill" the question.

Past Champions and Results


Year Bowl Champion Bowl Runner-Up JV Bowl Champion JV Bowl Runner-up Field size
2011 Maggie Walker Parkersburg High Wilmington Charter Bellarmine 98 (72 Varsity + 26 JV)
2012 Hunter Bellarmine Northmont Chattahoochee 161 (113 Varsity + 48 JV)
2013 Bellarmine LASA Northmont Centennial 198 (132 Varsity + 66 JV)
2014 LASA Saratoga Westview Farragut 216 (132 Varsity + 84 JV)
2015 Saratoga LASA Hunter Saratoga 246 (156 Varsity + 90 JV)
2016 LASA Lexington James E. Taylor Thomas Jefferson 263 (161 Varsity + 102 JV)
2017 Westview Thomas Jefferson Beavercreek Trinity Prep 252 (144 Varsity + 108 JV)
2018 Thomas Jefferson Richard Montgomery Stevenson George Washington 252 (144 Varsity + 108 JV)
2019 Beavercreek Millburn Hunter College A Team Coldhug (CT) 240 (144 Varsity + 96 JV)
2020 Stevenson Saratoga Team MB A 84 (36 Varsity + 48 JV)
2021 Hunter Thomas Jefferson HSST Wakeland Ransom Everglades 101 (66 Varsity + 35 JV)
2022 Hunter College A Hotchkiss Livingston North Star Academy 144 (84 Varsity + 60 JV)
2023 Livingston Hunter College A Thomas Jefferson George School 150 (96 Varsity + 54 JV)
2024 Livingston Richard Montgomery Stevenson Thomas Jefferson 144 (84 Varsity + 60 JV)


Year Bee Champion Bee Runner-Up JV Bee Champion JV Bee Runner-Up MS Bee Champion
2011 Mark Arildsen, University School of Nashville Nicholas Brumfield, Parkersburg High Sameer Rai, Bellarmine Mickey Gioia, Stepton HS
2012 Alex Frey, St. Joseph Richard Yu, Hunter

Mark Arildsen, University School of Nashville

Sameer Rai, Bellarmine Jonathan Leidenheimer, George C. Marshall Tajin Rogers, Longfellow
2013 Sameer Rai, Bellarmine Jonathan Leidenheimer, George C. Marshall Connor Wood, Maggie Walker Nirav Ilango, Chattahoochee Jonathan Tran, Stoller
2014 Jonathan Leidenheimer, George C. Marshall Sameer Rai, Bellarmine Daniel Yan, Farragut Chandler Burrows, Rolla Alex Schmidt, Seven Generations Charter School
2015 Bruce Lou, Saratoga Austin Foos, Detroit Catholic Central Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy John Peter Connor, E. WA Homeschool Benji Chiu, Stoller
2016 Jakob Myers, Naperville North Devin Shang, Lexington Douglas Simons, High Tech Rohan Hegde, TJHSST 8th Grade: Govind Prabakhar, Buffalo Grove Aptakisic

7th Grade: Enzo Cunanan, Trinity Prep

2017 Jakob Myers, Naperville North Jonathan Tran, Westview Justin Young, McLean William Golden, James E. Taylor 8th Grade: Arjun Nageswaran, Buffalo Grove Aptakisic

7th Grade: Robert Muniz, Midtown Classical

2018 Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Fred Zhang, Thomas Jefferson Govind Prabhakar, Stevenson Walker Combs, George Washington 8th Grade: Robert Muniz, Midtown Classical

7th Grade: Rishabh Wuppalapati, Daniel Wright Junior High

2019 Hari Parameswaran, Beavercreek Eshaan Vakil, Ed W. Clark Shiva Oswal, Team Pi-Oneers Avinash Iyer, Team Escobar (CA) 8th Grade: Vaibhav Rangan, Joaquin Miller Middle School

7th Grade: Daniel Figueroa, Ransom Everglades
6th Grade: Arin Parsa, Challenger Almaden

2020 Pedro Juan Orduz, Hunter Arjun Nageswaran, Stevenson Andrew Zeng, Hunter Rishabh Wuppalapati, Stevenson 8th Grade: Bradford Kimball, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

7th Grade: Arin Parsa, Team History Scholars
6th Grade: Shounak Bhindwale, Harvest Park

2021 Andrew Zeng, Hunter Liam Starnes, Barrington Ian Lu, Hunter Cole Hartung, Kinkaid 8th Grade: Arin Parsa, Stanford Online

7th Grade: Shounak Bhindwale, Harvest Park
6th Grade: Parker Jelke, Ransom Everglades

2022 Andrew Zeng, Hunter Ian Lu, Hunter Robert Wang, Livingston Cole Hartung, Kinkaid 8th Grade: Maximillian Lin, Eastchester

7th Grade: Padraig Finan, Risdon
6th Grade: Satvik Jain, Burleigh Manor
Elementary: Neel Jayaraman (4th), TAG Young Scholars

2023 Ian Lu, Hunter Tanuj Chandekar, Hunter Robert Wang, Livingston Shrihith Talapeneni, George School 8th Grade: Padraig Finan, Risdon

7th Grade: Malcolm McIntyre, Alice Deal
6th Grade: Sebastian Jones, Dent
5th Grade: Miller Angevine, Woodward Academy
K-4: Aarnav Rudraraju, Challenger Ardenwood

2024 Robert Wang, Livingston Shrihith Talapeneni, George School Pranavkrishna Bharanidharan, Bella Vista Spencer Manning, Stevenson 8th Grade: TBA

7th Grade: TBA
6th Grade: TBA
5th Grade: TBA
K-4: TBA