Geography Monstrosity

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Geography Monstrosity is a vanity tournament composed entirely of geography questions. It is run as a side event to one of the high school national championships. GM features 20-point superpowers, 15-point powers, and no minus-fives.

The first Geography Monstrosity was edited by George Stevens, and directed by Bryce Durgin and Katy Peters, who won praise for organizing and running the tournament on short notice. Subsequent editions have typically been edited and directed by Jeff Hoppes.


Iteration Location Leading Scorer Stats
I Chicago, Illinois Jeff Hoppes stats
II Chicago, Illinois Ian Eppler stats
III Atlanta, Georgia Raynell Cooper stats
IV Atlanta, Georgia Maia Karpovich (as Anton Karpovich) stats
V College Park, Maryland David Madden stats
VI Rosemont, Illinois Charles Tian Stats
VII Rosemont, Illinois Raynell Cooper Stats
VIII Dallas, Texas Jeff Hoppes Stats
IX Atlanta, Georgia Jeff Hoppes stats
X Atlanta, Georgia Jeff Hoppes stats