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The Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resource (or GPQB) is a quizbowl blog that covers quizbowl in Pennsylvania.

The primary focus of the blog is to cover high school quizbowl events in the state of Pennsylvania. This includes tournament wrap ups, interviews, thought pieces, and a panel that issues pre-season, mid-season, and end-of season rankings for teams in the state. The blog also covers more general high school quizbowl topics such as outreach, study strategies, and coaching tips. There is also an associated podcast with episodes every few weeks.

The blog began in July 2014. In its first year, it only covered Philadelphia area quizbowl events, but expanded to cover the entire state of Pennsylvania in June 2015.


Question Writing

The members of the site organized and edited the 2016 Pennsylvania Novice Initiative, a novice-level tournament designed to correct the lack of material for novice teams to practice on.


The staff at GPQB award several awards each year to outstanding members of the quizbowl community in Pennsylvania. Link to Award Recipients List


The site has, since the 2015-2016 season, produced a top 10 poll of teams in Pennsylvania at the season's beginning, midpoint, and end. Due to the particular circumstances of the state, with NAQT's state championship merged into the PSAC format, the poll has served as a de-facto state title for pyramidal questions until further reforms have occurred.

Blue Hen Champion Second Third Fourth Fifth
2015-16 Manheim Township Delaware Valley State College Great Valley Henderson
2016-17 Winchester Thurston Lehigh Valley Manheim Township Alagar Homeschool State College

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