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The "Recent tournament results" section is managed at QBWiki:Recent tournament results.

Recent tournament results

Saturday, January 28, 2023


  1. Texas A wins @ Texas[1]
  2. North Carolina A wins after defeating Maryland A in a one-game final @ VCU[2]
  3. OSU A wins in some unspecified way @ Wayne State[3]
  4. Stanford goes undefeated @ UBC[4]
  5. Chicago A goes undefeated @ Northwestern[5]
  6. Iowa State wins a three-game final against Minnesota B in two games @ Minnesota[6]
  7. Toronto A defeats Toronto B in game two of an final where Toronto A had the advantage @ McGill[7]
  8. Imperial A goes undefeated @ Imperial[8]
  9. Penn B takes it in the last game of a best-of-three final against Rutgers[9]
  10. Berkeley A goes undefeated @ Claremont[10]
  11. Penn State A goes undefeated @ Cornell[11]
  12. Brown goes undefeated @ Yale[12]
  13. Georgia Tech B wins with the disadvantage against WUSTL A @ Vanderbilt[13]
  14. Florida B goes undefeated @ UF[14]

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