Noah Chen

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Noah Chen
Noted subjects medicine
Current college Columbia (2019-2021)
Past colleges Michigan (2014-2018)
High school Skyline (2011-2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Noah Chen is a player for Columbia. He formerly played for Michigan in undergrad and Skyline in high school. In 2021, Noah was a member of the Columbia team that won the 2021 ICT.


High school

Noah was on the 107th place Skyline team at the 2013 HSNCT and the 121th place team in 2014. After DCC players Austin Foos and Jack Watts dropped off the team, Noah and Dominic Aluia joined Team Michigan at the 2014 NASAT - they finished in last.


After matriculating to Michigan, Noah was on the 16th place Michigan B team at the 2015 ICT DII. Noah would continue to play on the B team until his senior year, when he joined Austin Foos, Saul Hankin, and Kenji Shimizu on the Michigan A team that placed 4th place at the 2018 ICT and 16th at ACF Nationals.

Noah joined Columbia in 2019, where he helped filled in the science gaps in their A team. Alongside Sam Rombro, Ophir Lifshitz, and fellow Skyline teammate Sarah Wang, Noah was a member of "Elitzur-Why Man Bomb", which tied for first at the HSNCT mirror of CANONEXPANSION.

With teammates Will Alston, Gerhardt Hinkle, and Noah Sheidlower, Noah was on the winning Columbia team at the 2021 ICT.