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|[[Latin School|Latin School Romans]]||Chicago||Dr. Matt Bardoe
|[[Latin School|Latin School Romans]]||Chicago||Dr. Matt Bardoe
|-style="background: #e3e3e3;"
|-style="background: #e3e3e3;"
|[[Notre Dame|Notre Dame Dons]]||Niles||Elizabeth Kass
|[[Notre Dame (Niles,Illinois High School)|Notre Dame Dons]]||Niles||Elizabeth Kass
|[[Roycemore| Roycemore Griffins]]||Evanston||Larry Hunt
|[[Roycemore| Roycemore Griffins]]||Evanston||Larry Hunt

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The North Metropolitan Scholastic Bowl League or "North-Metro" or "NMSBL" is a league of Chicago schools created specifically to support Scholastic Bowl. The teams comprising the League are found on Chicago's north side as well as the north, northwest, and near western suburbs. The League is a mix of both small and large schools. Eight of the schools are private (6 Catholic, 2 non-religious), with the other two representing the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), which does not support Scholastic Bowl competition.


Loyola Academy was a founding member of the League, with David Riley a key co-founder. Loyola withdrew from the League after a few years, and now competes as an independent.

League Format

The League supports competition on both the frosh-soph and varsity levels. Each team plays the other teams twice throughout the year. Fourteen rounds are played over the course of two "Super Saturdays." The remaining six rounds are played in groups of three over the course of two nights after school. These triads are: St. Viator/St. Pat/Driscoll; Latin/St. Ignatius/Whitney Young; and Roycemore/Notre Dame/Carmel. Each round consists of 16 toss-ups and corresponding bonuses, with questions based on the Illinois distribution. Questions for the 2008-2009 season were provided by Avery Enterprises.


School Town Head Coach (08-09)
Carmel Catholic Corsairs Mundelein Brian Mellon
Driscoll Highlanders Addison
Latin School Romans Chicago Dr. Matt Bardoe
Notre Dame Dons Niles Elizabeth Kass
Roycemore Griffins Evanston Larry Hunt
St. Ignatius Wolfpack Chicago Frank Bellucci
St. Patrick Shamrocks Chicago
Saint Viator Lions Arlington Heights Maureen Martin
Von Steuben Panthers Chicago Irene McMahon
Whitney Young Dolphins Chicago G. D. Pritchett

Whitney Young and Von Steuben are the only two Chicago public schools to compete in a league setting. Clemente & Lane Tech High Schools occasionally compete, though these are the only four schools from the Chicago Public Schools to field a team for any sustained period of time.

League Standings

The 2008-2009 season commenced on November 15th, 2008 at Carmel.


Place School Wins Losses Winning Percentage Points Points Per Game Played
1 Saint Viator 15 1 93.75% 3150 196.9
2 Latin School 13 3 81.25% 2890 180.6
3 Carmel Catholic 12 4 75.00% 2720 170.0
4 Roycemore 10 6 62.50% 2210 138.1
5 St. Patrick 8 8 50.00% 1995 124.7
6 St. Ignatius Wolfpack 5 11 31.25% 1735 108.4
7 Whitney Young 4 12 25.00% 1670 104.4
8 Notre Dame 3 13 18.75% 1270 79.4
9 Driscoll 2 14 12.50% 805 50.3


Place School Wins Losses Winning Percentage Points Points Per Game Played
1 Saint Viator 15 1 93.75% 2503 156.4
2 Carmel Catholic 13 3 81.25% 2405 150.3
3 Latin School 12 4 75.00% 1820 113.8
4 St. Ignatius Wolfpack 9 7 56.25% 2023 126.4
5 Roycemore 8 8 50.00% 1635 102.2
5 Notre Dame 8 8 50.00% 1115 69.7
7 Driscoll 4 12 25.00% 670 41.9
8 St. Patrick 3 13 18.75% 600 37.5
9 Von Steuben 0 16 0.00% 350 21.9

Past Results


Season Champion Runner-Up Third Place Fourth Place
2001-2002 Latin School, Saint Ignatius (tie) N/A Loyola, Notre Dame (tie) N/A
2002-2003 Saint Ignatius Latin School Von Steuben Notre Dame
2003-2004 Saint Ignatius Latin School Notre Dame Von Steuben
2007-2008 Latin School, Carmel (tie) N/A Notre Dame, Saint Viator (tie) N/A
2008-2009 Saint Viator Latin School Carmel Catholic Roycemore


Season Champion Runner-Up Third Place Fourth Place
2001-2002 Saint Ignatius Latin School Loyola
2002-2003 Roycemore Latin School Von Steuben Carmel Catholic
2003-2004 Saint Ignatius Carmel Catholic Von Steuben Notre Dame (tie) N/A
2007-2008 Roycemore Saint Viator (tie) N/A Carmel Catholic Latin
2008-2009 Saint Viator Carmel Catholic Latin School Saint Ignatius

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