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Quiz Bowl League (QB League) was an online asynchronous quiz bowl competition played in 2021 in the league format. It was written to occupy the space between various online trivia formats (like Online Quiz League) while retaining the format and ethos of quiz bowl, and aimed to target both open players and members of the trivia community who had minimal or no exposure to quiz bowl. It was written by Kevin Wang, Ryan Rosenberg, Joey Goldman, and Daoud Jackson, with Sarah Benner joining the writing team for Season 2.

QB League allowed open teams and was split into several Divisions; teams within a Division played one match per week over the course of a season, scheduled at those teams' convenience.

In January 2022, QB League announced a hiatus to figure out if there was a "more sustainable way" forward; in May, Rosenberg confirmed that the league would not return for a third season [1]. Detailed stats for both seasons of the league are available here.

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