Joey Goldman

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Joey Goldman
Noted subjects Philosophy, Visual Arts, Literature, stuff "every British person knows"
Current college City, University of London (2018–19)
Past colleges Oxford (2012-17)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Joey Goldman played for Oxford, which he led to top bracket finishes at the 2016 and 2017 ACF Nationals. Widely regarded as the greatest UK quizbowler to date (and, with Jason Golfinos and John Lawrence, one of the three greatest quizbowlers to play for a UK team), he also won University Challenge in 2017 as captain for Balliol. He also was on the second-place team at the 2017 Chicago Open

Known in America for his knowledge of comically "British" topics in comically "British" ways, Joey has also served as writer and editor for numerous tournaments, including 2017's WAO, the 2018 Chicago Open, and (before abandoning the set) the 2018 iteration of EFT. He also edited some philosophy for 2019's PIANO