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Raymore-Peculiar Panthers
RPHS logo.jpeg
Peculiar, MO
Coaches Kelly Logan
State Championships 2021 MSHSAA Class 6
Program Status Active
School Size 1,967
NAQT Page link

Raymore-Peculiar (or Ray-Pec) is a public high school in the far southeast of the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area. The school historically competed in MSHSAA Class 4, but was reassigned to Class 6 after the 2021 realignment.


Though Ray-Pec mostly limited itself to local leagues for much of its history, they began to attend more tournaments beginning around the 2019-20 season. Led by Joel Miles and Brendan Fuller, the team rapidly emerged as a state powerhouse, culminating in its first MSHSAA state title in 2021. Though unable to attend nationals, Ray-Pec was known on the national stage, being a contender at major online tournaments during the pandemic. The team was ranked 2nd in a 2021 Missouri-wide postseason team poll. Ray-Pec graduated its whole A team after the 2020-21 season, and is currently rebuilding with a large contingent of sophomores and first-years.

MSHSAA Class 6 State Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
St. Joseph Central