Spartan Housewrite

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Spartan Housewrite
Competition season 2018-19
School(s) Michigan State
Head editor(s) Harris Bunker; Jakob Myers (quality control)
Difficulty College regular
First mirror February 16, 2019
Announcement link
Packets link

Spartan Housewrite (SHW) was a collegiate regular difficulty tournament organized by members of the MSU team for the spring 2019 season. The tournament was head edited by Harris Bunker, though Jakob Myers was in charge of question quality control. It featured MSU writers Briana Magin, Erik Bubolz, and Evan Suttell, as well as outside help Joe Su, Saul Hankin, Conor Thompson, Eric Mukherjee, and Nour Hijazi. The tournament had 6 physical mirrors in the US, UK, and Canada, as well as two online mirrors.