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  • '''Format''' is a term with multiple meanings in quizbowl discussion, including but not necessarily limited to the following: ...ical formatting of text in a quizbowl [[packet]] or other quizbowl-related documents
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  • Welcome to the '''Quizbowl Wiki''' (QBWiki), a compendium of information on Quizbowl, from middle school up to the masters level. If you are new to Quizbowl, start with the "Introduction to Quizbowl" series that you can see to the right.
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  • Chapter 3 ("What is Erudition?") focuses mostly on quizbowl within the context of the greater history of trivia contests and competitio Among the non-quizbowl topics covered are: pre-twentieth century trivia writings, the rise of radi
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  • Every quizbowl tournament should attempt to alert the media to the upcoming event and shou 2. What quizbowl is. Again, keep this brief and use whatever local terms for quizbowl (academic bowl, scholars bowl, etc.) that you might have in your area.
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  • ...ssions after the sudden [[The Occultation|self-removal of Matt Weiner from quizbowl]] left a gigantic void of questions and tasks needed to be done. ...[[Max Schindler]] began to reverse-engineer the distribution from Madden's documents of question percentages, which one imagines involved a lot of multiplicatio
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  • Hello, Quizbowl. This is [[Ike Jose]]. And I want to record my thoughts on [[2017 Chicago O ...… about so many topics that to even talk of where my life would be without Quizbowl seems unimaginable.
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  • ...SC final that constitutes the greatest game I've ever seen on any level of quizbowl. ...005: Only lost to TJ, and nearly became the 1980 US Olympic hockey team of quizbowl in the HSNCT final. Had they been able to play out of Washington more often
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  • [[Category:Quizbowl documents]]
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  • ...thing. It is a series of individual writing choices at a certain level of quizbowl competition that tend to fall within a central limit. It's a pattern of our ...ansion occurs at every level, whether it's a topic that's never come up in quizbowl before becoming an early clue at [[ACF Nationals|ACF nationals]], or a topi
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  • ...the improvement methods category]]. Whether or not it is done strictly for quizbowl, it is always good to [[Read a book]]. [[Category: Quizbowl documents]]
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  • ===Playing Quizbowl=== *Quizbowl matches, which are often called rounds, are played between two teams of 1-5
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  • [[category: Quizbowl documents]][[category: Quizbowl basics]] :Ensuring that all moderators are capable of running a pyramidal round of quizbowl in a reasonable amount of time with decent pronunciation and a good grasp o
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  • [[Category:Quizbowl documents]]
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  • ...threads on reducing packet-writing requirements, the future of collegiate quizbowl, packet submission etiquette, and various tournament set discussions got me ...a game played on a finite number of questions, but I think it's "good quizbowl practice" to try to write questions so that more knowledgeable teams h
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  • ...nderstanding''' is a ranking posted in 2009 of the top 20 currently active quizbowl players. The identity of Theophilius and Philalethe is still unknown. Its t ...l his achievements in quizbowl’s high modern era, and he’s making a run at quizbowl’s greatest champion, Andrew Yaphe.
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  • [[Category:Quizbowl documents]] [[Category:Bad quizbowl]]
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  • ...rce competitor and the best player of the first era of the storied Chicago quizbowl program.'' '''Jerry Vinokurov'''. Quizbowl's Charles Barkley finished second to Chicago on four occasions, once with B
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  • ...t, but at tournaments which are supposed to be introductions to collegiate quizbowl for most participants, the great majority (90%, say) should at least have h ...n the same topic comes up, regardless of the reason for why it comes up in quizbowl.
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  • ...the principles the letter posits can be used to argue against other [[bad quizbowl]] question writers. ...te circuit. I am also a member of the [[ forums|High School Quizbowl Forum]],<sup>1</sup> posting under the screen name ''rjaguar3'
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  • *A good primer is the old [ Berkeley TD Guide]. Although a bit dated, it is still an excel ...ide/ in-depth guide to running tournaments] comes from Southern California Quizbowl and contains a wealth of detailed advice as well as potential scenarios tha
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