VCU Closed

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VCU Closed
Competition season 2012-13
Head editor(s) Matt Weiner
Difficulty College regular
First mirror February 2, 2013
Announcement link
Packets link

VCU Closed was a regular-difficulty, packet-submission tournament produced in the spring of 2013 by Matt Weiner and Eric Mukherjee. Inspired in part by the below-average logistics and question production schedule of the previous year's Penn Bowl, the tournament was announced a full year in advance with strict requirements for question quality, hosting, and (as the title suggests) team composition.

It was held on February 2, 2013 at four sites. Ironically, given its name, it was used as question set for the only fully open tournament of the British 2012-2013 season, which was officially billed as a scrimmage.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Mid-Atlantic VCU February 2, 2013 Cody Voight Virginia A Chicago Matt Bollinger Stats
Midwest Northwestern February 2, 2013 Dan Donohue Michigan A Illinois B Ike Jose Stats
Northeast Penn February 2, 2013 Saajid Moyen Yale Harvard A Matt Jackson Stats
South Emory February 2, 2013 Anne Reynolds Georgia Tech A Georgia Tech B (on PPG tiebreaker) Adam Silverman Stats

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