Dan Donohue

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Dan "Dan-Don" Donohue
Quiz bowl wiki GOOD.jpg
Noted subjects Literature, Social Studies, Broadway, Harry Potter
Current college None
Past colleges Northwestern (2010-2014)
High school Saint Viator (2006-2009)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dan "Dan-Don" Donohue is a former player and team President of Northwestern Quizbowl. He formerly attended Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights, a suburb of Chicago. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

For much of his senior year, he was unaffiliated with the team at Saint Viator, yet played many tournaments in Illinois solo as a rogue team, an action which David Riley said "inadvertently opened the door for others to do likewise." [1]

He writes for NAQT and formerly served as the head editor for HSAPQ's VHSL sets.