Saajid Moyen

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Saajid Moyen
Noted subjects Music, Literature, Religion
Past colleges University of Pennsylvania (2012-2015)
High school Copley (2008-2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Saajid Moyen was a quiz bowler at the University of Pennsylvania. He was second scorer on the Penn team that won 2015 ACF Nationals.

He currently works for Jane Street Capital in Hong Kong.


High School

Saajid played for Copley High School until graduating in 2011. He was the second-highest overall scorer at both the 2011 HSNCT and the 2011 NASAT, which he notably chose to attend as part of Team Ohio instead of going to the Chicago phase of the NAC with the rest of his team.


Saajid was the second scorer on Penn as a literature and music player, contributing several key buzzes to the team's 4th-place run at 2012 ACF Nationals and becoming a much stronger second scorer en route to earning a title victory at his last collegiate tournament, 2015 ACF Nationals. He is credited with single-handedly pulled the Penn team out of its organizational quagmire, later turning over those responsibilities to Sarita Jamil.