1985 NAC

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Won by Skyline over Centralia of Missouri.

The final went down to the last tossup, which was "What's the four-letter word for storing memory in a computer?" (answer: save)

Beall indicated in the 2000 tournament summary that a 165-point comeback took place in this tournament, an all-time NAC record. However, he also wrote in the 1998 tournament summary that the largest comeback in a NAC match from 1983 to 1998 was East Mecklenburg defeating Jordan after being down 145 points in a game during the 1984 tournament.

Walton and Poquoson were other teams that participated in this tournament, which had a 50-team field from 28 states and the Virgin Islands.

1985 National Academic Championship
1984 NAC
1986 NAC