1986 NAC

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Won by Irmo, it included more than 50 schools and took place from May 29 to June 2 at the University of Miami.

A San Diego Union-Tribune report on Torrey Pines' attendance noted that "team members were disappointed with several aspects of their participation in the competition." The tournament was presumably single or double elimination, as Torrey Pines was "knocked out of the competition after just two rounds of play" (but was then ranked 8th in the final standings based on points per game).

The article contained this passage:

"They asked silly, tricky questions that were much more like a game show than an academic competition." Academic competitors normally field straightforward questions about literature, mathematics, science, history and current events, Newman said. "One of the questions they asked was, `What planet are you nearest to?' We're trying to figure out how many miles away the closest planet is, and the answer was `Earth,' " Newman said. "That is not what we flew 3,000 miles to do." Rich said he and his teammates were a little upset by the competition. "The moderator made up the rules as he went along."
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