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The 1989 team from Tagwi Secondary School won the first Reach for the Top championship under the post-CBC SchoolReach format.

They defeated Mount Douglas from BC by over 100 points in the final in Winnipeg. In an earlier round, a "minor controversy" arose after judges denied Tagwi's opponent an answer of "cabbage" as an alternate for "What is the main ingredient of borscht?", even though some varieties use cabbage. Tagwi won because of this protest.

Tagwi never received the Reach for the Top trophy. A legal dispute erupted between SchoolReach producer Sandy Stewart and the last CBC champion Kate Andrews over who had rights to the CBC trophy, which was not resolved until the following season. Further rubbing salt into Tagwi's wound, the 1989 NAC champion did not come to Canada for an exhibition match, as had been done in 1988, citing issues of poor TV sponsorship. The students did win Walkmans, though.


Allan Coleman, Stuart Pollock, Peter Simard, Claude Theoret, Neil Wheeler

Reach for the Top Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kate Andrews


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