1993 NAC

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1993 National Academic Championship
Edited by Questions Unlimited
Champion Torrey Pines
Runner-up Temple
Third Plano Senior
Fourth Maggie Walker
High scorer
Site Rice University

Took place from June 4 to June 11. Won by Torrey Pines of California over Temple of Texas in a 370-245 final. $50,000 in scholarships awarded to Torrey Pines by Texaco, $25,000 to Temple. Tournament was held at Rice and at KPRC, the NBC affiliate in Houston. 84 teams participated. An audio tossup on Tammy Wynette was featured in this tournament.

Torrey Pines defeated Maggie Walker in one semifinal, while Temple beat 1993 Plano Senior in the other. Delta of Colorado, William Tennent, and Plano East were among the teams eliminated in the quarterfinals.

A sample question distributed before this tournament was "What trait is shared by the vice presidents serving under John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson and Chester A. Arthur? answer: They didn't exist."

Much like every tournament involving Chip Beall, the legitimacy of this event was impugned by scandal, per a Usenet post from 1993:

Apparently, only one team from SE USA made the final 8 (as opposed to 7 of 8 at Lake Forest). That tournament is renowned for setting its seedings up so that it gets geographic diversity in the later rounds, even if it means (and it usually does) playing the best teams against each other early in the tourney. There is one exception to this rule -- they usually favor teams from the tournament organizers home states. When Chip Beale (of Questions Unlimited in Ohio) ran it, you could expect 8 Ohio schools to make the field and several to make the latter rounds. This year, with Texaco handling the format, two small Texas schools made the final 8.
1993 National Academic Championship
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