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1993 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Torrey Pines
Runner-up Maryland All-Stars
Third South Carolina All-Stars
Fourth Dupont Manual
Fifth Iowa All-Stars
Sixth Oregon
All-America Team --
Dean Jens, Ankeny David Kneip, Temple
Jamie Knox, Torrey Pines Elise London, Mt. Mansfield Union
Scott McClellan, Walton Dan Paskowitz, Richard Montgomery

The 1993 Panasonic Academic Challenge featured 39 states, D.C., and three territories. The Torrey Pines team won in the finals by a one-point margin over Maryland.


  • Dan Paskowitz became the first player in tournament history to be named for a second "All-American" team.


Participating students were polled on various political issues.

55% opposed deploying U.S. troops to Bosnia and 52% were against supplying clean needles to drug users. 63% supported distributing condoms in high schools, but only 36% wanted condoms distributed in junior high schools. 56% believed that a cure for AIDS would be found in their lifetime. 54% supported a federally funded health care plan, with 81% supporting the inclusion of mental and dental health. 25% wanted to legalize drugs, but 32% wanted to increase penalties for drug crimes. 44% of respondents disapproved of President Clinton's performance, 31% approved, and 25% were undecided. 53% wanted the First Lady to have an official role in government. 62% were in favor of the federal government stimulating economic growth. 45% were opposed to the cloning of extinct species, with 39% in favor. 49% wanted government regulation of genetic engineering, and 43% did not. 58% wanted to balance protection of jobs versus protection of the environment, while 26% wanted to protect the environment only and 13% jobs only. 66% opposed FCC regulation over the content of movies, while 22% supported it. 60% opposed content regulations on government-subsidized art, and 32% supported them. 44% said Japanese is the most important foreign language for Americans to learn. The press release also noted that "several students suggested all Americans start by learning English."

1993 Panasonic Academic Challenge
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