1994 PAC

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1994 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Thomas Jefferson
Runner-up Rufus King
Third Dupont Manual
All-America Team --
Lawson Fite, Hudson's Bay Daniel Gulya, Fargo North
Matthew Morris, Dupont Manual Jeffrey Olson, East Lake
James Rogers, Montgomery Blair Seth Sternglanz, Ward Melville

40 states and four territories participated from June 10-12.

The winners got $2500 scholarships, gold rings, and Macs. The second-place team received $1500 scholarships and gold rings. Third-place team members each got a $500 scholarship and a gold ring.

Herff Jones awarded $2000 scholarships and a medallion to each member of the All-America Team.


For the third year, tournament participants were surveyed on current issues.

President Clinton received a 2.6 approval rating on a 5-point scale. 73% of participants wanted more gun control laws. 65% opposed legislation of violence on television. 77% wanted stricter immigration laws or stricter enforcement of existing laws. 76% endorsed the use of military force by the United Nations. 53% opposed U.S. intervention in Bosnia, Haiti, or Rwanda.

Results released by the tournament
1994 Panasonic Academic Challenge
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