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1995 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Florida All-Stars
Runner-up South Carolina All-Stars
Third Maryland All-Stars
Fourth Pennsylvania
All-America Team --
Lawson Fite, Hudson's Bay Michelle LeNoue, Tates Creek
Kalee Magnani, Richard Montgomery Hemanth Parasuram, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
Umesh Sankar, Cheshire Nilay Shah, Dorman

42 states and three territories participated from June 23-26. Florida defeated second-place South Carolina by five points in the championship game.


  • The winning team members were awarded $2500 scholarships. Second-place players got $1500 scholarships, and third-place team members $500.
  • Members of the All-America Team received $2000 scholarships and IBM computers, sponsored by IBM.
  • At the awards banquet, participants remembered Tim Cameron, who had been selected for the Hudson's Bay team but died a month before the tournament in a hiking accident.
  • Lawson Fite became the second player in the tournament's history to win a second "All-American" award. He would win a third award in 1996.


As in the previous three years, students at the tournament were polled about current issues. 42% wished to see Bill Clinton lose the 1996 Presidential election, with 31% wanting his re-election. 56% said talk radio might influence listeners to commit acts of extremism.

1995 Panasonic Academic Challenge
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