1998 VHSL State Championship

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The 1998 VHSL State Championship was held on 28 February 1998 at Charlottesville High School in Charlottesville, Virginia, and was the first VHSL Scholastic Bowl state tournament, concluding the inaugural series of scholastic bowl tournaments. 24 teams, the top two teams from each regional tournament, competed in three size classifications of eight teams each. The tournament was the only state championship held at Charlottesville, as subsequent VHSL tournaments have been held at William and Mary.

The tournament was initially not referred to as scholastic bowl, as a contemporary press release described it as an "academic competition."


The top two teams from each district tournament advanced to the eight-team regional. The top two teams from the regional then advanced to the state championship.

Tournament Format

Each match consisted of a round of fifteen tossups, ten bounceback "directed questions" for each team, and a concluding phase of fifteen more tossups. Tossups were scored in the normal quizbowl way. Directed questions were worth 10 points each and functioned similarly to a single-part bonus, but their reading was not correlated to answering tossups. The format was somewhat based off that of the Mountain Academic Competition Conference and the Southwest Virginia Academic Conference, which previously conducted quizbowl competitions.

The eight teams in each of the three classes competed against each other in a six-round double-elimination tournament; this was the first time the format was used, after its introduction in the previous season.

The tournament used a question set written by Claude Sandy, a retired Academic Decathlon administrator with no prior connection to quizbowl, who also directed the tournament. Tournaments in his purview were noted for recycling questions and having less than 2 literature questions in an average match, most of which are on repetitive pet topics such as Zane Grey and the fact that Leo Tolstoy held the noble rank of "count." The 1997-1998 district set included questions recycled from "a variety of sources", including Academic Hallmarks and NAQT, and was "not to be used" in future tournaments.

Class A

VHSL State Championship
(Class A)
Edited by Claude Sandy
Champion Radford
Runner-up Middlesex
High scorer Unknown
Site Charlottesville High School
Stats Unknown

Radford went undefeated to win the Class A state championship. Middlesex placed second.

Teams attending
Radford (1st)
Middlesex (2nd)
West Point
William Monroe
Central Senior
Floyd County
Saint Paul
Thomas Walker
Known scores[1]
Radford 285, Central Senior 125
Radford 245, Saint Paul 170
Radford 240, William Monroe 220
Radford 280, Middlesex 170

Class AA

VHSL State Championship
(Class AA)
Edited by Claude Sandy
Champion Western Albemarle
Runner-up Blacksburg
High scorer Unknown
Site Charlottesville High School
Stats Unknown

Western Albemarle won the Class AA state championship after winning a round seven playoff against Blacksburg. Blacksburg had been defeated by Western Albemarle in the first round but had beaten Western Albemarle in the sixth.

Teams attending
Western Albemarle (1st)
Blacksburg (2nd)
Heritage (Lynchburg)

Class AAA

VHSL State Championship
(Class AAA)
Edited by Claude Sandy
Champion Thomas Jefferson S&T
Runner-up Lake Braddock
Third Unknown
Fourth Unknown
High scorer Unknown
Site Charlottesville High School
Stats Unknown

Thomas Jefferson Science and Technology won the Class AAA state championship. Lake Braddock placed second.

Teams attending
Thomas Jefferson S&T (1st)
Lake Braddock (2nd)
Thomas Jefferson Gov
Clover Hill

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  1. Gorsuch, Tory (1 April 1998). RHS students win competition. Radford News Journal.