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In 2000, Maggie Walker (then "Governor's School") finished second at the NAQT HSNCT to State College. After dealing State College their only loss at either national that year in an entertaining 430-395 first game of the final, the team was memorably destroyed 625-170 (in front of a whole audience of people, no less!), demonstrating what happens when you get Jacob Mikanowski angry. This left the team with a 1-14 record for the year against State College A.

This was the first year that John Barnes was the coach of the team.

The team also finished fifth at PACE NSC, losing only to Riverdale; despite finishing the tournament with 9 wins and only 1 loss, they were excluded from the final four due to the bizarre tournament format used that year.

The A teams at both nationals consisted of Matt Weiner, Jimmy Hare, Ben Neale, and Megan Lasswell.

The team also won the VHSL Scholastic Bowl group AAA title for the first time in school history (despite screaming at each other for 70% of the time spent playing VHSL matches due to frustration over the questions), the Midlothian High School tournament, the spring Spotswood tournament, and the Challenge 23 televised tournament. The most important accomplishment of this team was unanimously deciding to end Maggie Walker's participation in the corrupt, overpriced, and poorly written National Academic Championship.