Jacob Mikanowski

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B. Jacob Mikanowski
Noted subjects Hydrology, history, Poland, everything
Current college None
Past colleges Princeton (2001-2002)
High school State College (1997-2000)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Jacob Mikanowski was a player for State College and then Princeton. Regarded as the greatest high school player of the modern era (or the pre-modern era, depending on the definition of "modern"), Jacob was on five national championship winning teams (every PACE NSC and NAQT HSNCT that State College entered with him on the team, plus the 1998 NAC).

Also played collegiate quizbowl during his first two years at Princeton, where, at the 2000 NAQT IFT at Yale, he participated in a hard-to-duplicate feat by scoring over 70 PPG while playing on a team with Jeff Hoppes, who also scored over 70 PPG. Jacob was a member of the 2002 Princeton team that won the Undergraduate Championship at the ICT.

Jacob went on to be a graduate student in history at Berkeley, where he did not play quizbowl.