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The University of Kentucky's Academic Team fielded squads to a number of tournaments throughout the 2002-2003 season, winning such events as ACF Fall, the Illinois Open, and Georgia Tech's MLK. It also competed at ACF Regionals, Michigan's MLK and Auspicious Incident, and ACF Nationals, coming in second in the former three at the former and third at the last.

There were often multiple teams sent to these events (and others), although the "A" team typically consisted of Seth Kendall, Kelly McKenzie, and Robert Osborne, occasionally joined by a fourth which varied from tournament to tournament. It was the three of of them which won all the tournaments named above except the Fall, which was won by Seth and Robert without Kelly (due to his editorship of the tournament).

For a more detailed, highly subjective, and not terribly clever account of the team's activities during this season, go here and here.