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ACF Regionals is a regular difficulty college quizbowl tournament produced every year by ACF and held concurrently at multiple locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom. It is similar to ACF Fall in terms of format, and packet writing requirements. Regionals typically takes place in late January or February.

Since 2015, Regionals has served as a qualifier for ACF Nationals. Teams can qualify for Nationals by hosting a Regionals site, providing an editor for the question set, winning the overall or undergraduate title at their Regionals site, or obtaining a sufficiently high A-value.


ACF Regionals was produced from 1991 to 1997 by the now-defunct Academic Competition Foundation. The Foundation was replaced in 1997 by the Academic Competition Federation, which has edited the tournament ever since.


As of 2018, ACF Regionals is typically considered to lie towards the upper end of "regular difficulty," though this identity has changed over time. It was once the case that "Regionals difficulty" had its own definition above regular, though in the late 2000s Regionals came to be seen as the benchmark for measuring regular difficulty tournaments [1]. ACF Regionals questions got more difficult for several years, but 2008 ACF Regionals was noticeably easier than the 2007 incarnation, and was in fact statistically easier than NAQT Sectionals of the same year. The 2018 iteration was generally considered to be quite difficult, and prompted some to suggest a bifurcation into "standard" and "qualifier" tournaments, with Regionals being the benchmark for the latter category.

List of ACF Regionals tournaments

Year Announcement Editors Packets
1998 Matt Colvin Packets
1999 David Hamilton Packets
2000 Andrew Yaphe Packets
2001 Subash Maddipotti Packets
2002 Ezequiel Berdichevsky and Dave Hamilton Packets
2003 Subash Maddipoti Packets
2004 Raj Bhan Packets
2005 link Andrew Yaphe, Mike Sorice, and Jeff Hoppes Packets
2006 link Matt Lafer, Chris Romero, and Mike Sorice Packets
2007 link Seth Teitler, Jerry Vinokurov, and Ryan Westbrook Packets
2008 link Matt Weiner and Matt Keller Packets
2009 link Jonathan Magin, with Eric Mukherjee Packets
2010 link Jerry Vinokurov, with Trygve Meade, Chris Ray, Dwight Wynne, and Ted Gioia Packets
2011 link Rob Carson, with Ted Gioia, Matt Weiner, Jeremy Eaton, and Dwight Wynne, assisted by Andy Watkins and Jerry Vinokurov Packets
2012 link Trevor Davis, with John Lawrence, Guy Tabachnick, Will Butler, and Auroni Gupta Packets
2013 link Chris Ray, with Cody Voight, Rob Carson, and John Lawrence Packets
2014 link Evan Adams, with Carsten Gehring, Matt Jackson, Ashvin Srivatsa, Adam Silverman, and Will Nediger Packets
2015 link Matt Jackson, with Sarah Angelo, Tommy Casalaspi, Trevor Davis, Stephen Liu, and Sriram Pendyala Packets
2016 link John Lawrence, with Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, Chris Ray, and Max Schindler Packets
2017 link Andrew Hart, with Stephen Liu, Nathan Weiser, Benji Nguyen, Cody Voight, and Adam Silverman Packets
2018 link Auroni Gupta, with Will Alston, Kenji Shimizu, Will Holub-Moorman, and Stephen Eltinge Packets
2019 link Will Nediger, with Matt Bollinger, Rob Carson, Will Holub-Moorman, Bruce Lou, Graham Reid, Jennie Yang, and Ben Zhang Packets