2004 Oak Ridge (TN)

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In 2004, Oak Ridge's team had their most successful season to date, winning Scholars' Bowl as well as several other tournaments, including tournaments at Christian Academy of Knoxville and Halls High School.

Scholars' Bowl

The team breezed through the first five rounds of the single-elimination tournament, racking up over 400 points on terrible Chip Beall questions on two occasions. In the final, they faced friendly rival Knox West, and won by a score of 300 to 225.

Tennessee Tech State Tournament

In the spring, the team started off the State tournament by defeating Ezell-Harding. In the end, there was a three-way tie on records between Ezell-Harding, Oak Ridge, and The Webb School. Ezell-Harding was declared champion after an unknown tiebreaker.

National Academic Championship

By winning Scholars' Bowl, the team had won a paid entry to the NAC, going to the Washington site. While there, they went undefeated in the preliminaries, garnering the 2 seed in the playoff bracket thanks to their impressive scoring, ahead of defending champion Horace Greeley A. They then lost during to Horace Greeley B during a round with three New York-related questions.



  • Evan Nagler (President of club and captain)
  • Scott McKinney
  • Lydia Cuffman
  • Randy Rawl


  • Ryan Lee
  • Owen Worley
  • John Whittingham