Evan Nagler

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Evan Nagler
Noted Subjects:
Math, Computer Science, Trash
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Brandeis (2005-2008)
High School Team Oak Ridge (TN) (2002-2004)
Middle School Team None

Evan Nagler is a former student in mathematics and computer science at Brandeis, where he played quizbowl. He was active in the New England academic and trash circuits for four years while at Brandeis. He has once led a tournament in scoring, doing so at the 2006 BU Trash Junior Bird. Additionally, he directed the logistics for 2008 ACF Nationals, the only national tournament to ever be at Brandeis. His only career tournament wins outside of the high school level are in trash tournaments.

His editing work includes co-editing GARBAGE and being part of the editing team for 2009 ACF Nationals.