2006 BU Trash Junior Bird

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The 2006 BU Trash Junior Bird, also known as the NASCAR-Free Emily Deschanel Memorial Trash Junior Bird, was a well-received tournament written mostly by Jack Brounstein and Nathan Bragg, with Athul Seshadri writing one packet and Matt Bruce contributing to various packets. Other minor contributors included John Kilby and several people from Maryland, including Casey Retterer, Jeremy Eaton, David Vatz, and Curran Muhlberger.

The tournament was an early part of a general movement to make trash tournaments more accessible to current undergraduates. As part of this, most of the answer selection for the BU tournament was from after 1990, with the pre-1990 questions being on very prominent topics.

Living up to its name, it was indeed free of questions about NASCAR.

Results of the Tournament

The full stats are still available online here.

Amherst defeated Tufts in a ten-tossup tiebreaker to claim the championship. Third place was BC A, with a three-way tie for fourth between Maryland, BU's house team, and Brandeis A. The top individual scorer was Sebastian Telfair from Brandeis A (Evan Nagler), followed by Oates from Tufts and Billy Bob Saget from BC A.