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The 2006 Stanford team won a variety of tournaments in California, but is most notable for winning the 2006 ICT Division II title.


Stanford sent both a Division I and Division II team to the 2006 ICT. The Division I team consisted of Eric Smith, Kristiaan De Greve, and Brian Lindquist. It finished tied for fifth place, while Eric Smith was the fourth-place individual scorer at the tournament, with 72.31 PPG. The team is perhaps most famous for being on the winning end of the Arminius scandal.

The Division II team consisted of Nico Martinez, Frank Guan, Kevin Koai, and Alex Inman. After picking up losses to Florida State and Caltech, Stanford finished the playoffs with an 11-2 record, which put them in a tie for first place with Harvard and Caltech. After some tiebreaker games, Caltech was eliminated from contention, which set up a final between Stanford and Harvard. Stanford then defeated Harvard 470-110 in the final to win the Division II title. Nico Martinez led the team in scoring with 43.08 PPG, which was seventh place overall.

ACF Nationals

For the ninth straight year, Stanford failed to send a team to ACF Nationals. This ignominious streak would thankfully end in 2007.