Kevin Koai

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Kevin Koai
Noted Subjects:
Music, Poetry, Beyoncé
Current Collegiate Team
Past Collegiate Teams Columbia (2016–19) Yale (2009–13)
Stanford (2005–2009)
High School Team Mission San Jose
Middle School Team None

Kevin Koai is a former player for Mission San Jose, Stanford, Yale, and Columbia. He was widely regarded as one of the strongest music players in the game and probably the best player to come out of the Northern California high school quizbowl circuit (Seth Teitler, while from Northern California, played only Science Bowl in high school). While at Stanford, Kevin was part of the team that won the Division II title at the 2006 ICT. Kevin was a part of the Yale team that won 2011 ACF Nationals and 2012 ACF Nationals. With Yale's DI victory at the 2013 ICT, Kevin joined the ranks of the very few players who have achieved a career Triple Crown.

While in law school at Columbia, Kevin returned to quizbowl as a crucial contributor to the title-winning team at the 2019 ACF Nationals.

In an amusing incident at the 2013 ACF Nationals, Kevin's buzz on a musical description of "Erlkönig" led an incredulous moderator to exclaim "I didn't know people could buzz on those clues."