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In 2007, the Chicago A team led by Seth Teitler swept the NAQT ICT and ACF Nationals, becoming the fourth team, after 1999 Chicago, 2002 Michigan, and 2005 Michigan, to unify the two overall titles in collegiate quizbowl.

ACF Nationals

The Chicago A squad that won ACF Nationals consisted of Seth Teitler, Peter Austin, Susan Ferrari, and Selene Koo. The team went 12-0 en route to clearing the field, converting 159 tossups and negging 19 times and average a tournament-best 341.2 points per game.

Seth finished sixth in individual scoring, racking up 68 tossups and negging 4 times for 55 points per game. Peter went 32-5 and finished with 25 points per game, Susan went 31-7 for 22.92 PPG, while Selene had 22.5 PPG on a 28-3 line.


Susan Ferrari did not play at the ICT, so Seth Samelson played on Chicago A. The team went 14-1, and beating Illinois A in the second game of an advantaged final. The team finished with 42 powers and 135 tens, both tournament-bests, and negged 27 times. All that added up to 410.8 points per game.

Seth Teitler finished 12th in scoring with a 18-47-12 line, good for 52.31 PPG, and Peter Austin was 15th in scoring, racking up 47.69 PPG on a 17-41-9 line. Seth Samelson went 2-28-4 for 22.31 PPG, while Selene Koo put up 19.62 PPG, going 5-19-2.

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