2007 ACF Nationals

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2007 ACF Nationals
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Brown
Third Texas A&M
Fourth VCU
High scorer Matt Weiner, VCU
Editor/s Zeke Berdichevsky
Site Vanderbilt

The 2007 ACF Nationals was won by Chicago A, consisting of Seth Teitler, Peter Austin, Selene Koo, and Susan Ferrari. The tournament was held at Vanderbilt. The tournament was edited by Zeke Berdichevsky.

Tournament results

Chicago A cleared the field with a perfect 12-0 record, and the next three teams all had three losses. Based on points per game, Brown finished second, Texas A&M third, and VCU fourth. Rounding out the top playoff bracket were Illinois A and Carleton College, both of whom finished at 8-4, with Illinois winning the points-per-game tiebreaker to finish fifth. Michigan and Vanderbilt both had 9 wins in the second playoff bracket, with Michigan winning the PPG tiebreaker.

Individual results

The top five scorers at the tournament were Matt Weiner of VCU, Seth Kendall of Kentucky, Ryan Westbrook of Wayne State, Mike Sorice of Illinois A, and Jerry Vinokurov of Brown, in that order. Weiner led the field with 91.67 points per game.

The leading scorer for the championship Chicago A team was Seth Teitler, who finished sixth overall with 55.00 points per game. Seth's teammates Peter Austin, Susan Ferrari, and Selene Koo all converted at least 22.50 points per game, and Chicago easily led the field with 159 tossups answered correctly (Brown was second with 133).

Pat Freeburn had 19.58 ppg.

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