2008 NAQT Iowa State Championship

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2008 NAQT Iowa State Championship
Champion Ames A
Runner-up Boone
Third Ames B, Ames C
Fourth n/a
High scorer Alex Bazis (Ames A)
Editor/s NAQT IS 76
Site Iowa State

The 2008 NAQT Iowa State Championship was hosted by the Iowa State University Quiz Bowl Club on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 in Ames, Iowa and won by Ames. It was the closest thing the state of Iowa has to an official high school state championship in 2008 as well as the first ever NAQT State Championship in Iowa.


The tournament was won by Ames A, which defeated Boone 175-145 to claim the championship. Ames B and Ames C took 3rd and 4th place at the tournament, respectively, while Alex Bazis from Boone was the tournament high scorer with 68.33 PPG.


The tournament was held on NAQT Invitational Series #76. The teams played an eight game round-robin in the morning and directly after lunch before being seeded for a single-elimination tournament to determine the tournament champion. The tournament seeded 16 teams in its single elimination round. [1]


The tournament field featured 23 teams, as listed below.


The top three teams qualified for the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament in Chicago, Illinois via NAQT's normal selection process, in addition to one additional unqualified team which was guaranteed a spot due to the tournament's status as a state tournament. Thus, the four teams which earned bids for the 2008 HSNCT were the three teams from Ames (with the A, B, and C teams coming in 1st, 3rd, and 4th respectively) and Boone. Unfortunately, none of these teams chose to attend the 2008 HSNCT. [2]


  • $50 per team
  • -$5 per working buzzer system provided, maximum of $10 per school.


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2008 NAQT Iowa State Championship
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