NAQT Iowa State Championship

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NAQT Iowa State Championships is an annual tournament usually hosted by Iowa or Iowa State. In 2008 and 2009 North Cedar and Algona respectively were awarded small school titles. The tournament was not held between 2011 and 2016.


Tournament Date Champion Second Field size Location Results
2016 April 23rd Waukee Ames 4+5 Small School+8 MS Waukee, Waukee Results
2011 April 2nd Ames A Ames B 4 Iowa State, Ames Results
2010 April 24th Bettendorf A Ames A 13 Iowa State, Ames Results
2009 May 2nd Marshalltown A Ames B 22 Iowa State, Ames Results
2008 April 19th Ames A Boone 23 Iowa State, Ames Results
2007 April 7th Regina A Ames A 20 Drake, Des Moines Results
2006 April 1st Regina B Ames A 17 Iowa, Iowa City Results
2005 April 2nd Regina A Ames A 31 Iowa, Iowa City Results
2004 April 10th Loyola (IL) N/A Iowa State, Ames N/A
2003 April 19th N/A Iowa State, Ames N/A
2002 December 1st Urbandale Kennedy N/A Iowa, Iowa City N/A
2001 April 21st Ames Guthrie Center A 20 Iowa State, Ames Results