2009 Georgetown Day

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The 2009 Georgetown Day A-Team consisted of Ian Eppler, Matt Jackson, and Oliver Hudson, with CJ Greenhill or a reluctant freshman (increasingly, Daniel Brach-Neufeld) usually taking the fourth spot. Eppler, Jackson, and Hudson won GSAC XVI on December 6, 2008, defeating Walter Johnson in the final, and the trio avenged a 595-125 defeat in the final of Maryland Fall from Charter by defeating them to win Maryland Spring on May 2nd, 2009. The team is also notable for its second- and third-place finishes at Maryland Fall, M.O.H.I.T, and TJIAT, and for its extensive use of fraud.

At the 2009 PACE NSC, the team of Ian, Matt, Oliver, and Daniel lost only twice, both times to State College, and beat Maggie Walker for an overall 3rd place finish. At this tournament, the commendations of Matt and others led to Ian's nomination as a PACE All-Star.

The 2009 HSNCT saw GDS tie Maggie Walker for 5th place out of 192 teams. GDS went undefeated in the prelims, earning two of those wins against Maggie Walker, and losing only to Charter and State College in the double-elimination playoff.