2009 Wilmington Charter

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The 2009 Wilmington Charter team consisted of Henry Gorman, Neeraj Vijay, David Huang, and Andrew "Crabby" Berni.


Charter won the 2009 NSC in the final over State College. They went 7-0 in their preliminary bracket, and 6-1 in their playoff bracket. The loss came from Walter Johnson, although another match against Hunter was only salvaged on the last tossup. Thus, the team came within one tossup from being eliminated from championship contention. A tiebreaker match was played against the 6-1 Maggie Walker team. The final was down to the wire, as even though Charter led the entire match and swept the category quiz, State College powered several stretch tossups to pull within 25 going to the last question. State College powered the tossup, but subsequently earned zero on the English history bonus. Charter stole 20 of the bonus points to secure the win.


Charter won the 2009 HSNCT in the second game of an advantaged final over Dorman. In fact, this was the fifth time the two teams had been forced to play during the tournament. Dorman beat Charter twice in the prelims and during the first game of the final. Charter had won an earlier playoff match. The final was marred by a questionable timing call by R. Robert Hentzel who probably gave Henry one second too long on the final crucial tossup. The match was protested on those grounds and that "iodide" should have been accepted for "iodine", but Dorman's claims were denied on both counts. This was an unfortunate ending to the largest quizbowl tournament to that date, at 192 teams.

Regular Season

The team won the a Fall NAQT tournament at Richard Montgomery, the 2008 TJIAT, the Maryland Fall Classic, the 2008 Penn High School Tournament, M.O.H.I.T. (TJ's house-written January tournament), the NAQT Delaware Championship, the Blue Hen, and the MARK trash tournament at the University of Delaware. Charter finished second at the Maryland Spring tournament, losing in the final to Georgetown Day School.