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The Blue Hen was a high school quizbowl tournament that was held every March at the University of Delaware. It is currently defunct. Run on NAQT questions, it tended to attract a mid-size field of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. teams.

Originally the tournament only allowed Delaware teams to participate. Starting with Blue Hen III the field was opened up to outside schools. The top Delaware school received the Founders' Trophy, which contains the names of the Delaware ACC members on the team in 1999.

The names listed on the Founders Cup are David Balseiro, Richard (Hayden) Hurst, Dave DeForge, Kate Gample-Wallenjeck, Rajeev Gorowara, Arnadlo Gutierez, Eric, and Michael Rulon.

One feature formerly popular with some teams was the trash round. This was run on a packet written by the Delaware team while a set of pairings was being calculated, either a late preliminary or the playoff bracket.


Blue Hen Champion Second Third Fourth Field size Notes
XVII (2015) Wilmington Charter A Georgetown Day School B Manheim Township A Emmaus 34 results
XVI (2014) Manheim Township A Manheim Township B Caravel Newark Charter B 12 results
XV (2013) Manheim Township A Wilmington Charter A Georgetown Day Camp Hill A 18 results
XIV (2012) Georgetown Day A Richard Montgomery A Wilmington Charter B Oakland Mills 18 results
XIII (2011) Saint Joseph A Wilmington Charter A Georgetown Day A Wilmington Charter C 20 results
XII (2010) Georgetown Day A Caesar Rodney A Wilmington Charter A Richard Montgomery A 24 results
XI (2009) Wilmington Charter A Half Hollow Hills West A Wilmington Charter C Moravian 34 results
X (2008) Wilmington Charter A Moravian Half Hollow Hills West A Wilmington Charter B 26 results
IX (2007) Wilmington Charter A Gonzaga Walter Johnson Wilmington Charter B 20 About 36 teams were expected, but a snowstorm made travel from the north difficult.
VIII (2006) Wilmington Charter B Wilmington Charter A Wilmington Charter C Gonzaga 24 results
VII (2005) Gonzaga Montgomery Blair Wilmington Charter A Manheim Township A 17
VI (2004) Benjamin Banneker Howard A A.I. Dupont A Kellenberg Memorial 24
V (2003) Gonzaga Wilmington Charter A Manheim Township A Blake 41 Around 48 teams were expected, but several had to drop out when the U.S. invaded Iraq and districts banned outside travel.
IV (2002) Kellenberg Memorial A Wilmington Charter A Seton Hall Prep A Manheim Township A 31
III (2001) Archmere A Council Rock A Wilmington Charter A Warwick B 30
II (2000) Caesar Rodney A Wilmington Charter A Archmere A Archmere B 14
I (1999) Archmere A Caesar Rodney A Caesar Rodney B Archmere B 12

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