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2012 National Academic Championship
Champion Detroit Jesuit
Runner-up High Tech
Third Harrison
Fourth White Plains
High scorer Grace Liu of High Tech (MVP, DC)
Ben Peck of Detroit Jesuit (MVP, Chicago)

Alex Pijanowski of Harrison (MVP, New Orleans)

Editor/s Questions Unlimited
Site Chicago; New Orleans; Washington DC

The 2012 National Academic Championship took place in late May and early June 2012, at three sites (Loyola University, New Orleans, May 26-28; Westin Alexandria, Virginia, June 1-3; Sheraton Four Points O'Hare, June 9-11).


In the New Orleans phase, Harrison (IN) defeated White Plains (NY) in the final, 525-280. The third and fourth place teams were Trinity Prep (FL) (lost to Harrison, 365-315) and Ben Franklin (LA) (lost to White Plains, 480-130).

In the DC phase, High Tech (NJ) defeated Watson Chapel (AR) in the final, 380-225. The third and fourth place teams were Ardsley (NY) (lost to High Tech, 495-340) and Irvington (NY) (lost to Watson Chapel, 340-325).

In the Chicago semifinals, High Tech defeated St. Edward (OH), 425-240, and Detroit Jesuit defeated Harrison, 390-330.

Detroit Jesuit defeated High Tech by 10 points in the overall final, after the tossup "Saddam Hussein's 1977 book Our Struggle was translated into German under what title? (answer: Unser Kampf)" went dead.


New Orleans: Altamont A (AL) defeated Clements (TX), 285-130. The semifinalists were Jesuit (LA) and Altamont B.

DC: High Tech defeated Manheim Township (PA), 295-155.

Chicago: LaGrange (GA), defeated St. Edward (OH), 165-155.

Altamont was declared the national champion by virtue of their "undefeated record among the 18 JV teams in New Orleans."

Middle School

New Orleans: Conway Christian (AR) defeated Altamont (AL), 340-305. Other playoff teams were Hazen and Jesuit. Wesley Oliver of Conway Christian was named MVP.

DC: Trickum (GA) defeated Johnson County (KY) 465-300. The semifinalists were Gretna (NE) (lost to Johnson County 470-260) and Middlesex (CT) (lost to Trickum 480-405). Brent Bessemer of Trickum was named MVP.

Chicago: Flushing (MI) defeated Danville Bate (KY) 475-235. The semifinalists were Holy Name (KY) (lost to Flushing 505-315) and Campbell County (KY) (lost to Bate 400-285). The other two playoff teams were Grove (OK) (lost to Bate 345-305) and Hopkins West (MN) (lost to Flushing 405-385). Myles Siglin of Flushing was named MVP.

Trickum was declared national champion due to their undefeated record in DC (both Flushing and Conway Christian sustained 2 prelim losses). The QU website remarked: "Flushing edged Trickum in average points per game, 374-373. It will remain a matter of speculation whether Flushing would beat Trickum, if it were possible to arrange a game between the two."

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