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Logo of the 2017 VHSL State Championship

The 2017 VHSL State Championship was held on 25 February 2017 at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and was the twentieth iteration of the VHSL Scholastic Bowl state tournament. 24 teams, the top two teams from each regional tournament, competed in six size classifications of four teams each. Questions were provided by HSAPQ for the eighth year.


The top two teams from each conference tournament advanced to the eight-team regional. The top two teams from the regional then advanced to the state championship.

Tournament Format

Each match consisted of a round of fifteen tossups, ten bounceback "directed questions" for each team, and a concluding phase of fifteen more tossups. Tossups were scored in the normal quizbowl way. Directed questions were worth 10 points each and functioned similarly to a single-part bonus, but their reading was not correlated to answering tossups.

The four teams in each of the six classes competed against each other in a three-round round-robin; this was the fourth time the format was used, after its introduction in the 2014 VHSL Realignment.

Class 1A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 1A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Honaker
Runner-up Galileo Magnet
Third Rappahannock County
Fourth Radford
High scorer Unknown
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [1]

Honaker went undefeated to win the Class 1A state championship, their second consecutive and third non-consecutive state championship victory. Galileo Magnet finished runner-up in their second state tournament appearance.

Round 1
Honaker 210, Galileo Magnet 160
Radford 160, Rappahannock County 150
Round 2
Honaker 250, Radford 165
Rappahannock County 200, Galileo Magnet 160
Round 3
Honaker 220, Rappahannock County 145
Galileo Magnet 195, Radford 145
Final standings
Honaker, 3-0, 680 points
Galileo Magnet, 1-2, 515 points
Rappahannock County, 1-2, 485 points
Radford, 1-2, 470 points

Class 2A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 2A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Maggie Walker
Runner-up Central-Wise
Third George Mason
Fourth Gate City
High scorer Unknown
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [2]

Maggie Walker went undefeated to win the Class 2A state championship, their third non-consecutive state championship victory. Central-Wise finished runner-up after failing to repeat their upset victory over Maggie Walker of the previous year.

Round 1
Maggie Walker 300, Gate City 140
Central-Wise 265, George Mason 170
Round 2
Maggie Walker 310, George Mason 135
Gate City 225, Central-Wise 175
Round 3
Maggie Walker 235, Central-Wise 175
George Mason 245, Gate City 120
Final standings
Maggie Walker, 3-0, 845 points
Central Wise, 1-2, 615 points
George Mason, 1-2, 550 points
Gate City, 1-2, 485 points

Class 3A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 3A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Cave Spring
Runner-up Blacksburg
Third Culpeper County
Fourth New Kent
High scorer Ethan Mackey, Cave Spring
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [3]

Cave Spring went undefeated to win the Class 3A state championship, their second consecutive state championship victory. Blacksburg finished runner-up in their second state tournament appearance since 2014. Cave Spring senior Ethan Mackey was the top scorer of the entire tournament and became a member of the all-state team. Cave Spring's 975 point final score made them the highest scoring team in the tournament.

Round 1
Loudoun County 335, New Kent 95
Blacksburg 285, Culpeper County 145
Round 2
Cave Spring 335, Blacksburg 125
Culpeper County 290, New Kent 120
Round 3
Cave Spring 305, Culpeper County 90
Blacksburg 280, New Kent 145
Final standings
Cave Spring, 3-0, 975 points
Blacksburg, 2-1, 690 points
Culpeper County, 1-2, 525 points
New Kent, 0-3, 360 points

Class 4A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 4A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Loudoun County
Runner-up Sherando
Third Midlothian
Fourth Jamestown
High scorer Peter Haskins, Sherando
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [4]

Loudoun County went undefeated to win the Class 4A state championship, their second non-consecutive state championship victory since 2014. 2016 champion Sherando finished runner-up after losing to Loudoun County in a close game. Sherando senior Peter Haskins and Midlothian senior Hayden Calhoun became members of the all-state team.

Round 1
Loudoun County 225, Midlothian 140
Sherando 270, Jamestown 160
Round 2
Loudoun County 235, Sherando 200
Jamestown 220, Midlothian 180
Round 3
Loudoun County 300, Jamestown 90
Sherando 190, Midlothian 175
Final standings
Loudoun County, 3-0, 760 points
Sherando, 2-1, 660 points
Jamestown, 1-2, 470 points
Midlothian, 0-3, 495 points

Class 5A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 5A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Thomas Jefferson
Runner-up Princess Anne
Third Albemarle
Fourth Glen Allen
High scorer Unknown
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [5]

Thomas Jefferson went undefeated and won the Class 5A state championship, their second consecutive state championship victory. Princess Anne finished runner-up in a repeat of their 2016 performance.

Round 1
Thomas Jefferson 265, Glen Allen 155
Princess Anne 245, Albemarle 105
Round 2
Thomas Jefferson 280, Albemarle 160
Princess Anne, 235, Glen Allen 215
Round 3
Thomas Jefferson 270, Princess Anne 185
Albemarle 210, Glen Allen 185
Final standings
Thomas Jefferson, 3-0, 815 points
Princess Anne, 2-1, 665 points
Albemarle, 1-2, 475 points
Glen Allen, 0-3, 555 points

Class 6A

VHSL State Championship
(Class 6A)
Edited by HSAPQ
Champion Robinson
Runner-up McLean
Third Ocean Lakes
Fourth First Colonial
High scorer Justin Young, McLean
Site College of William and Mary
Stats [6]

Robinson went undefeated to win the Class 6A state championship, their first state championship victory. McLean, at their first state appearance, placed second. Individually, two players from the class became members of the all-state team, McLean freshman Justin Young and Robinson junior Jacob Augelli.

Round 1
McLean 245, First Colonial 160
Robinson 250, Ocean Lakes 175
Round 2
Robinson 245, McLean 205
Ocean Lakes 190, First Colonial 160
Round 3
Robinson 270, First Colonial 120
McLean 260, Ocean Lakes 140
Final standings
Robinson, 3-0, 765 points
McLean, 2-1, 710 points
Ocean Lakes, 1-2, 505 points
First Colonial, 0-3, 440 points

All-State Team

The top five highest scoring players in the entire tournament were recognized as the All-State Team.

Rank Player Team Points Class Grade
1st Ethan Mackey Cave Spring 345 points Class 3A Senior
2nd Justin Young McLean 325 points Class 6A Freshman
3rd Jacob Augelli Robinson 280 points Class 6A Junior
4th Peter Haskins Sherando 275 points Class 4A Senior
5th Hayden Calhoun Midlothian 270 points Class 4A Senior
Combined Points: 1,495 points
Avg. 299 pts ea.

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