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The 2019 "NHBB" Discord Tournament, also known colloquially as "NHBB Online", was an online history bee-style "tournament" (or scrimmage) held during April 2019 on Discord. It was principally run by eighth-grader Ameya Singh of Laurel Springs, who conceived the initial idea. It had a small field, won by Sam Brochin, but is more notable for using plagiarized or recycled questions (depending on how charitable one wants to be), resulting in a scandal.

The event was promoted on HSQB as a "housewrite based off of NHBB/IHB packets". In fact, the questions were plagiarized from other sets, sometimes with minor alterations. Discord chat logs demonstrated that the plagiarism was definitely intentional (though perhaps not entirely malicious); it may have been started without understanding that, or why, such practices are unacceptable, but once the issues were pointed out, Ameya Singh refused to change course. He ultimately offered a partial apology that some viewed as not demonstrating due contriteness or real understanding of the issues at hand, while others saw it as mitigating.

Another aspect of the controversy concerned the name: the tournament's name seemed to suggest affiliation with NHBB, but in fact the tournament was in no way connected to NHBB or International Academic Competitions—it merely sought to emulate some stylistic aspects thereof.

These events may have been partly or wholly responsible for HSQB adding a separate subforum for open practices, scrimmages, and playtesting, along with rules governing announcements for events using old questions.

Packets used

A sample from the prelims was published online: