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The Quizbowl Resource Center (hsquizbowl.org) is the major web site for quizbowl announcement and discussion on the Internet. It includes a message board, a blog-style front page, extensive packet archives, and a tournament schedule/results database. The site is owned by Matt Weiner and operated in conjunction with PACE, which has sponsored the site's web hosting costs since 2006.


Main page: Hsquizbowl.org forums

The forums are, by far, the most used portion of the site. It includes forums for the discussion and comparison of both high school and collegiate teams; praise and criticism for tournaments on the high school, college and trash circuits; and advertisement of upcoming tournaments. It also includes an area to discuss non-quizbowl topics and sports. The forums are operated under a formal charter designed to promote "good quizbowl" in general over the interests of any particular organization or person.


In the summer of 2011, Jeffrey Hill's ScoBo services were migrated to hsquizbowl.org and updated to produce the Quizbowl Resource Database. The database allows tournament directors to create a calendar entry from their tournaments, upload stats files from their tournaments for permanent storage, and post their sets online.


Main page: the archive

In spring 2012, the resources of quizbowlpackets.com (also called the archive) were migrated to the hsquizbowl web space.

Front page features

In addition to links to the above features, the front page has a tournament finder that allows people to find upcoming local tournaments. The right side of the page also shows which tournaments have recently posted results and which questions have recently been posted online.


The site was founded in summer 2000 on Geocities and moved to its own domain name in summer 2001. The forums were added in April 2003.

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