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Albuquerque Academy Chargers
Albuquerke Academy Logo.png
Albequerque, NM
Club President None
Coaches Jason Zuffranieri
State Championships Unknown
National Championships None
National Appearances 2012 NSC
Program Status Active
School Size 1156

Albuquerque Academy is a 6-12 private college prep day school located in Albequerque, New Mexico, coached by Jason Zuffranieri. It has both a high school and middle school team. Since 2016, they have hosted the Albuquerque Invitational, and they also hosted the Albuquerque Middle School Invitational in 2017. Albuquerque Academy's team at the middle school tournament was a solo team of Ramses Tanedo, who was named NAQT Middle School Player of the Week. Along with Albuquerque High School, the Academy is one of two New Mexico high school teams involved in pyramidal quiz bowl as of 2017.

The school also hosted the 2005 NAQT New Mexico State Championship and attended the 2007 and 2008 iterations of the tournament. Albuquerque Academy went 5-9 for a 51st place finish out of 60 teams at the 2012 NSC, though it is not known how they qualified given that there is no indication of them attending a tournament in the 2011–2012 season.

Tournament Results

Date Tournament Question Set Team Record Rank Stats
2017/3/12 Albuquerque Middle School Invitational NAQT MS-21 4-1 1/3 NAQT
2017/3/11 Albuquerque Invitational NAQT IS-163A A 5-1 1/6 (tied) NAQT
B 5-1 1/6 (tied) NAQT
C 3-2 3/6 NAQT
2016/3/12 Albuquerque Invitational NAQT IS-151A A 6-1 1/4 NAQT
B 3-3 3/4 NAQT
C 4-3 2/4 NAQT
2012/6/9 2012 NSC 2012 PACE NSC 5-9 51/60 HSQB-DB
2008/3/8 NAQT New Mexico State Championship NAQT IS-73A A 6-3 3/14 Not available
B 8-2 2/14 Not available
2007/4/28 NAQT New Mexico State Championship NAQT IS-65A 6-3 4/10 NAQT

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