NAQT Middle School Player of the Week

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The NAQT Middle School Player of the Week is a program that began on 7 January 2017. This program recognizes a high school player each week based on performance at competitions the previous week.

Date Player School Performance Link
1/7/2017 Shiva Oswal Pi-oneers 72-16-5-132.79 at Stratford-Sunnyvale Middle School Invitational. Led team to 9-0 (1st place). [1]
1/14/2017 Aditya Singhl Valley Ridge Academies 31-61-9-128.75, leading team to 8-0 record at Classical Prep Tournament. [2]
1/21/2017 Maeve Gaffney Sacred Heart of Jesus 6-29-0-47.50, a rare 35 conversions without neg at Smithville MS Invitational. [3]
1/28/2017 Isak Dai Mounds Park Academy 75-50-16-155.28, and a 60% power percentage at GEMSTONE. [4]
2/4/2017 Lukas Koutsoukos Middlebrook School A 40-43-13-107.22, at Bergen Winter Classic (leading scorer in the morning, second leading scorer overall). [5]
2/18/2017 Maggie Brown Ransom 1-49-3-78.40, leading scorer at Bulldog Classic. [6]
2/25/2017 William Groger Miami Valley 102-67-9-215.50, leading scorer, paying solo at Copley Middle School Invitational. [7]
3/4/2017 Andrew Cowling Christ Lutheran 8-38-5-95.00, leading scorer at the Cal-Irvine Spring Invitational. [8]
3/11/2017 Ramses Tanedo Albuquerque Academy 1-25-2-63.75, leading scorer at Albuquerque Middle School Invitational. Won tournament playing solo, and was first ever tournament! [9]
3/18/2017 Hunter Bailey Columbia Independent A 20-70-X-111.11, leading scorer at Missouri Middle School State Championship. [10]
3/25/2017 Nick Zhang River Dell A 43-49-12-119.44, leading scorer at New Jersey Middle School State Championship. [11]
4/1/2017 Robbie Safran Lyman C. Hunt 11-26-12-62.39, leading scorer at Burlington Middle School Invitational. Helped restart team after 6 years. [12]
4/15/2017 Aditya Indla Challenger-Ardenwood 36-28-5-113.57, leading scorer in the Middle School Division of the NAQT Northern California State Championship. [13]