Andrew Kiss

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Andrew Kiss
Noted Subjects:
General, Lit, Pop Culture
Current Collegiate Team University of Notre Dame (2012-current)
Past Collegiate Teams N/A
High School Team West Babylon Senior High School (2009-2012)
Middle School Team None

Andrew Kiss is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Although tragically not knowing what quizbowl was until late second semester freshman year, after an impressive summer study session Andrew Kiss survived an SAO cancellation and inclement weather to participate in the SUBMIT tournament at MSU, scoring 43PPG to rank as the 8th highest scoring player in the field. At 2014 ACF Nationals, Andrew played solo and finished in the second bracket 24th out of 36 teams, ultimately losing to a tough North Carolina team in the DII final. An up and coming generalist, Andrew Kiss is primarily known as the guy whose name is forgotten by all the moderators all the time.

Notable Tournaments