Andy Goss

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Andy Goss
Noted subjects social blunders, wrestling
Current college none
Past colleges Duke (1999-2002)
High school TJHSST (1995-1998)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Andy Goss is a former player for Duke.

Goss first emerged on the collegiate circuit in 1998 or thereabouts and immediately made a name for himself by his marked animosity to Andrew Yaphe, which had apparently dated to something that happened during Goss's high school career. His early playing career was not a happy one, as he apparently found the transition from high school to collegiate quizbowl to be more challenging that he expected, as so many players do; and, like many players, he made the mistake of attributing his troubles to the excessive difficulty of ACF. Unfortunately, Goss compounded this error by making frequent posts to the quizbowl mailing list (the organ of circuit communication following Matt Bruce's destruction of excoriating ACF and those he believed to be its chief partisans, namely Yaphe and the University of Maryland, thus swiftly earning the enmity of David Hamilton (and, as it turns out, other Maryland players as well; see below). A notable post was his game-by-game chronicle of his trip to the Philadelphia Experiment. Goss would continue in this vein during the early days of the Yahoo quizbowl board, to which he was a frequent contributor.

Goss never really became much of a quizbowl player (his later NAQT stats reveal his skills to have been on the low end of average), which perhaps made his oft-trumpeted thoughts on the game even more irritating.