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Duke University
Durham, NC
Current President or Coach Gabe Guedes
National championships N/A

Duke University is a private university located in Durham, North Carolina.


Duke's quizbowl team was active in the late 1990's, and attended primarily NAQT tournaments and ACC Conference tournaments. Duke's team attended NAQT's ICT in 1997, 1999, and 2001, and their best finish was 16th at the 1997 NAQT ICT.

After the 2001 ICT, Duke's team went relatively inactive until the 2007 season. Beginning in 2007, the team once again began attending mid-atlantic tournaments semi-regularly, primarily at regular difficulty and below. This iteration of Duke's team never attended nationals, but did attend NAQT Sectionals in 2011 (Division II).

Recent History

Duke University's college quizbowl team was revived in the 2014-2015 academic year under the leadership of John Stathis and Ryan Humphrey, as well as Gabriel Guedes in more recent years. Since the 2014 season, Duke's team has regularly been a top 25 team in polls, and has attended both national championships in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 seasons. Duke also fielded a DII team at the 2015 ICT, and qualified a DII team for ACF Nationals 2015, but elected not to attend. Currently, Duke's top finishes at nationals in recent history have been a 21st place finish at the 2016 ICT, and a 16th place (3rd place undergraduate) finish at ACF Nationals 2017.

Tournaments Hosted

Duke has also begun hosting tournaments again recently, hosting an EFT mirror in fall 2016 and a high school mirror of Maryland Fall in 2017.

2016 EFT Mirror: Stats

2017 Maryland Fall Mirror: Stats

Team Website

Duke's external team website can be found here

Current Members