Arnav Sood

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Arnav Sood
Current college Carnegie_Mellon (2021-)
Past colleges NYU (2014-2018), UBC (2018-2020)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Arnav Sood is a player for Carnegie Mellon. He previously played for NYU and UBC.


High school

Though he did not play pyramidal quiz bowl, Arnav played for the Science Bowl team of WWPHS South, which won states in 2013 after getting 2nd in 2011 and 2012.


Arnav played at NYU, where he majored in math. This included DII ICT in 2017, and DI in 2018. That last run saw NYU make top bracket with some preposterously low margins, before summarily and handily losing essentially all of our games.

After graduating, he played/hosted/administrated for UBC quiz bowl, while working at the Vancouver School of Economics.

In 2019, Arnav courted controversy on the forums by questioning the decision to exclude players from British Columbia from the Canadian Players Poll;[1] due to its eligibility rules requiring players to have played multiple tournaments in Canada, the scope of the poll was effectively only teams in the eastern Canadian circuit.


Arnav joined CMU's Tepper School for a PhD in Economics, where he joined the quiz bowl team. He wrote a vanity packet called SOVIET (Set on Very Interesting Economic Times), which hopefully will metastasize into a yearly event.