Bellarmine Novice

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Bellarmine Novice was a tournament that ran annually at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, California.

It was intended to be an introductory event for less experienced teams from the northern California circuit. The tournament used a variety of easier question sets over the years, including HSAPQ tournament series, Fall Novice, SCOP Novice, and NAQT introductory sets.

It ceased to run in 2016.


Year Set Field Size First Second Third
2010-11 HSAPQ 12 Mission San Jose E Mission San Jose C Bellarmine B
2011-12 Fall Novice 14 Harker Escobar Crystal Springs
2012-13 SCOP Novice 15 Amador Valley A Amador Valley B Saratoga C
2013-14 SCOP Novice 32 Mira Loma Davis A Palo Alto A
2014-15 IS-143A 28 Menlo-Atherton Valley Christian A Davis A
2015-16 IS-153A 34 Pi-oneers A Challenger-Ardenwood Escobar