Bellarmine Novice

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Bellarmine Novice is a tournament run annually at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, California.

It is intended to be an introductory event for less experienced teams from the northern California circuit; players with significant national championship experience are encouraged to staff rather than play. The tournament has used a variety of easier question sets over the years, including HSAPQ tournament series, Fall Novice, SCOP Novice, and NAQT introductory sets.


Year Set Field Size First Second Third
2010-11 HSAPQ 12 Mission San Jose E Mission San Jose C Bellarmine B
2011-12 Fall Novice 14 Harker Escobar Crystal Springs
2012-13 SCOP Novice 15 Amador Valley A Amador Valley B Saratoga C
2013-14 SCOP Novice 32 Mira Loma Davis A Palo Alto A
2014-15 IS-143A 28 Menlo-Atherton Valley Christian A Davis A
2015-16 IS-153A 34 Pi-oneers A Challenger-Ardenwood Escobar