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The University of Birmingham is a university in the West Midlands of England which has been an active member of the UK Quizbowl circuit since 2021. The Quizbowl team has been known for its consistently strong performances at novice tournaments and has also appeared at tournaments such as the British Student Quiz Championships, ARCADIA and ACF Regionals, as well as appearing throughout the history of University Challenge.


Founding and First Season

The University of Birmingham has a long tradition of buzzer quiz, having appeared in the inaugural series of University Challenge in 1963 and reaching the final in 1966. Despite this, the University lacked a quiz society and any involvement with the UK buzzer quizzing circuit until 2021. The University of Birmingham Quiz Society (UoBQS) was founded by John Robinson, then a masters student, who would serve as its first president. Early UoB teams consisted of the University's series 51 (2021-22) University Challenge side, including Michael Joel Bartelle, Jaimy Sajit and Mark McParlan. This team would also go on to appear on Only Connect.

Recent Seasons

Will Rogers became society president for the 2022-23 season and oversaw, with the advice of John Robinson, an expansion of the quiz society both in membership and in involvement with the UK Quizbowl circuit. Birmingham sent multiple teams to a tournament for the first time at 2022 ACF Fall, where the A team finished second, the society's first podium finish. Birmingham would go on to finish on the podium in both the online and in-person divisions of 2022 British Novice, losing the in-person final 295-255 to Imperial A befogging finishing third at the 2023 Spring Novice.

Sam Hastings took over the role of president for the 2023-24 season. Birmingham recorded a second place finish in its bracket at 2023 ACF Fall with Liam Gaine second top scorer, while the team finished joint fourth at 2023 British Novice with Edward Fogel top scoring. In addition to Quizbowl activities, the society has also expanded in other areas, now hosting a Friday social quiz and playing the weekly Pear Quiz. Several UoBQS members and alumni have been involved with the UK quizzing circuit outside of Quizbowl, including OQL (Talbot 2D and The Other One) and in individual quizzing.


  • John Robinson
  • Michael Joel Bartelle
  • Mark McPartlan
  • Jaimy Sajit
  • Will Rogers
  • William Rainbaird
  • Archie Bennet
  • Sam Hastings
  • Faiz Ahmed
  • Curtis Dunn
  • Elizabeth McGeown
  • Liam Gaine
  • Tom Watts
  • Ben Biggs
  • Edward Fogel
  • Mikey Brown